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What are std?

What is STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases ( STDs ) is diseases that can be transmitted through sexual contact that caused by  bacteria, parasites, and viruses. They are also called, based on English, STI (sexually transmitted infections) or STD (sexually transmitted diseases). Often several

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When should I get tested for HIV?

You are in a risk of infection if you are sexually active, have multiple sexual partners, use intravenous drugs, or have sex with someone who has HIV.

If you are sexually active or notice any symptoms of HIV and come into contact with HIV, we recommend getting tested.

Testing is quick and easy and requires only a small amount of blood. You can have HIV tests carried out with your doctor or the health organisation of the government. If you prefer to test yourself at home in a familiar environment without anyone else, you can order an HIV test kit online.


How accurate is the iCare HIV test kit?

Research studies have shown that this testing method is extremely accurate when performed correctly. The accuracy of medical tests is typically described in terms of sensitivity (all truly positive individuals test positive) and specificity (all truly negative persons test negative). 

iCare rapid HIV test kit has been shown to have a sensitivity of more than 99% and a specificity of more than 99%. This test is only accurate three months after exposure, as this is the time it takes your body to produce enough antibodies to show up in the test.


How does the iCare HIV test kit work?

When you are infected with HIV, your body will start producing specific antibodies (proteins that attach to the virus to try to fight the virus). iCare HIV test kit looks for these antibodies in your blood. If these antibodies are found, it means that your body is reacting to HIV infection, and you are likely to have HIV.


What If I Am Tested Positive?

If you are tested positive, you are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to visit and consult to doctor. Have your test result confirmed by a doctor immediately so you can receive treatments as soon as possible; this is essential to maintain good health and wellbeing.

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